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Speaking Freely With Annette Newell

Nov 30, 2022

This episode is about giving: both giving thanks, and giving help. It focuses on one group that helps wildlife survive, and another, that’s helping families get through inflation’s bite on families’ food budgets.

First, it’s a Portland tradition coming up on December 10th and 11th. The Portland Audubon is holding its 42nd annual Wild Arts Festival, at Viking Pavilion on the Portland State University Campus. I talked to the Portland Audubon’s Executive Director, Stuart Wells, and its Assistant Director of Development Matthew Hassbeck.

Next: a record number of families asked for help this year from the Sunshine Division’s food pantries, a sign of how the pandemic plus inflation are making it tougher, especially for those with children.
I talked with Kyle Camberg, the Executive Director of Sunshine Division, which has been providing emergency food relief to families for almost a century.

And families are also trying to find ways to counter inflation’s impact on their holiday season. I checked in with consumer advocate Trey Bodge for ideas on how to stretch your dollars and save some money.